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10 Sure Bets in B-town for April, 2014

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Hoosier Half Marathon & 5K Looking ahead to April, we've identified 10 don't-miss events that you'll want to add to your calendar next month. We've tried to include a variety of event types, so you'll see whether you're looking for the perfect weekend for the kids, craft beer lovers, athletes or IU alumni, you'll find it here. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of upcoming events in Bloomington - be sure to check our full calendar listings for dozens more awesome reasons to plan a quick trip to B-town! Ho …

10 Fun Events to Get You Through to Spring!

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The recent brief warm-up was oh-so-welcome, but now that the weather's turned cold and wintry again it almost seems worse than ever, and if that darn groundhog was right we've still got three whole weeks to go until spring. (Coincidentally, that's what the calendar says, too since spring officially begins on March 20.) Never fear - if you're feeling a bit under the weather, so to speak, we've got the cure. Get out of the house and enjoy one (or more) of these great special events! Here's ou …

The Perfect Excuse for a Family Weekend in B-town

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Indiana Heritage Quilt Show Grab your family - kids, parents and grandparents included - it's Indiana Heritage Quilt Show time in Bloomington, Indiana! It's the perfect excuse to bring a couple of generations together to appreciate the artistic beauty of this time-honored tradition and share all the fun and excitement of a Bloomington getaway. Historically, quilting has long been a catalyst for bonding among friends and families through shared experiences, quilting bees and the passing down of skills and knowledge from …

Eagle Watch Weekend 2014

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Eagle Watch Weekend Have you ever wondered why they hold the annual Eagle Watch Weekend at Lake Monroe in January, instead of say... June? While it might be more enjoyable to search for the elusive eagles in the sky during warmer weather, it would actually be a lot harder to spot them! Eagle Watch Weekend is arguably Indiana's premiere annual eagle-watching and birding event. Rest assured, the scheduling of such an important event takes into account the best time of year for successful eagle-spotting on Monroe  …

Family Fun During Christmas Vacation 2013

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Willy Wonka If the kids are out of school for the holidays and you're all tired of hanging around the house, get out and enjoy some of the great, family friendly events and activities going on in Bloomington over the next two weeks! Here's a quick rundown - more info on these and other events can be found on our Event Calendar. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Trust us, you do NOT want to miss this magical production from Cardinal for Kids! Who wouldn't love a tour of Willy Wonka's amazing choc …

2013 Canopy of Lights Celebration

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Canopy of Lights In keeping with old-fashioned practice, the winter holidays come to life in downtown Bloomington on the Friday after Thanksgiving. All it takes is the sparkling tradition of the Canopy of Lights. Thousands gather in community spirit to witness the simple, yet beloved lighting ceremony. Many have joined the celebration and made it a family tradition to ring in the season. While the weather may be frightfully cold, don't let that keep you away. There is plenty of hot chocolate, kettlecorn and  …

13 Things to Know About Halloween in B-town

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One Are you ready to celebrate the arrival of autumn and all those hauntingly fun events that come along with Halloween? Bloomington's ready, and we don't want you to miss one spooky thing! Here's your checklist of the 13 things you need to know about celebrating the season - B-town style! Take a Haunted Museum Tour on Oct. 11 and 25, at the Monroe County History Museum. Local celebrities of the past will be on hand to answer all your spooky questions! See enchantingly beautiful han …

SCI Kiwanis Indiana Balloon Festival

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Indiana Balloon Festival Every year there's a new event that I get really psyched about. Sometimes it's a concert, sometimes it's an arts show; this year, it's a balloon festival. I mean I am super pumped, like counting the days excited. I'm not sure if it's the allure of big, bright hot air balloons, the awesome music lineup, the yummy food vendors or the fact that it will be such a great family-friendly event. Doesn't even matter, that point is, I'm excited and it's going to be fun! So here are a few more d …

Celebrate Summer!

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Flavors of 4th Street It's August already! How did that happen? Yes, it seems like the kids are headed back to school earlier than ever, but don't worry summer isn't quite over yet! Celebrate those last lingering days of summer with us here in Bloomington - we've got the perfect weekend all picked out for you... No, it's not Labor Day. I'm talking about the weekend before Labor Day - August 23-25! We've got some fabulous events lined up for that weekend and it's right in the sweet spot. You know, that spot afte …

Summer Fun: Paddleboarding!

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Paddleboarding There are few times that a new adventure sport shows up in the outdoor world. If you recall the mountain biking revolution of the 80's, you can begin to understand the waves being made by the twenty-first century equivalent - standup paddleboarding. With its short learning curve, versatility on flat and moving water, and peaceful workout, paddleboarding's popularity has exploded all across the country. There are a few reasons why I've come to enjoy paddleboarding here in Monroe County. Th …

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