1. Order your favorite dish from Taste To-Go
2. Buy someone else a cup of coffee or tea
3. Dine outside on a restaurant patio
4. Get food delivered to your house
5. Eat a new dish at a 4th Street restaurant
6. Order from a food truck
7. Drink a local beer, wine, or cocktail
8. Dine on a classic: the breaded tenderloin
9. Devour donuts, cookies, or ice cream
10. Order a round of appetizers to share


1. Purchase a new or used book to read
2. Get a plant from a nursery or shop
3. Order online from a local business
4. Buy a new piece of clothing or accessory
5. Have the battery in a watch changed
6. Get some vinyl at a local music store
7. Buy new or vintage home decor
8. Grab a new accessory for a hobby
9. Support a minority, woman, or veteran-owned business
10. Buy an IU shirt/hat


1. Enjoy a manicure or pedicure
2. Book a spa treatment
3. Work out at a gym or fitness center
4. Get a haircut and/or color
5. Participate in a yoga class
6. Relax in a salt cave
7. Practice mindfulness at a meditation session
8. Indulge in a facial
9. Splurge on a new skincare product
10. Enjoy aromatherapy with essential oils


1. Watch a movie at the drive-in theater
2. Take a self-guided historic walking tour
3. Go to a Bloomington Speedway race
4. Enjoy a game of laser tag
5. Play a board game with friends or family
6. Watch or stream a live music performance
7. Go bowling or roller skating
8. Book a game at an escape room
9. Play a game of pool
10. Drive through the Cedar Ford Covered Bridge


1. Explore our town on a scooter
2. Book an oil change
3. Replace the tires on your vehicle
4. Take your car in for a tune-up
5. Put on new windshield wipers
6. Get a bicycle tune-up
7. Get new sneakers and go for a run
8. Take a ride on a city bus
9. Get your car washed
10. Zoom around on a skateboard or rollerblades


1. Find a new trail and go hiking
2. Explore a new city or county park
3. Take binoculars and go bird watching
4. Take your pup to a dog park
5. Go for a solo or family bike ride
6. Reserve a tee-time and go golfing
7. Fly a kite or toss a frisbee
8. Boat or kayak at Monroe or Griffy Lake
9. Visit the Hoosier National Forest
10. Walk through IU’s campus


1. Donate food items (Community Kitchen, Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, or MCUM's Self-Sufficiency Center) or school supplies
2. Contribute to your favorite local nonprofits
3. Volunteer through the Bloomington Volunteer Network
4. Get your flu shot
5. Give blood through a Red Cross blood drive
6. Pick up litter in your neighborhood
7. Watch the Be More Awards live stream
8. Volunteer at the Community Orchard
9. Contribute to the Community Wish List
10. Help with the local face mask drive


1. Take a picture in front of your favorite mural
2. Find a local limestone sculpture
3. Stream a play from a local theater company
4. Buy from a local artist
5. Wear your favorite local band’s shirt
6. Stream a local band’s songs
7. Participate in Gallery Walk
8. Discover a sculpture on IU’s campus
9. Explore a museum's online collection
10. Write a poem about Bloomington


1. Spend the night in a local hotel
2. Explore the B-Town Visitors Center
3. Rent a cabin in the woods
4. Stay in a bed and breakfast
5. Visit a local winery or brewery
6. Book an eclectic local Airbnb
7. Invite friends or family to visit Bloomington
8. Follow @visitbtown
9. Rent a yurt at the TMBCC
10. Go camping in the great outdoors


1. Register to vote – or help another register
2. Watch a city or county government meeting on CATS
3. Request or report a service via uReport
4. Write a letter to the editor on an issue that you care about
5. Apply to serve on a city or county advisory commission
6. Fill out the census
7. Take a selfie in front of Monroe Co. Courthouse
8. Take a selfie in front of Election Central
9. Take a selfie with a local elected official
10. Search for your address in the county’s GIS system


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