B-Town Summer Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I complete the same Challenge activity more than once?
A: Yes. Players may complete the same activity multiple times and upload a different photo to the photo collector for a chance to win.

Q: How many weekly prizes can I win?
A: Players are eligible to win one weekly prize throughout the duration of the Challenge. However, the more activities a player completes, the more entries they earn to win the grand prize.

Q: Where can I pick up the B-Town Summer Challenge checklist:
A: Players can download the checklist here or pick up a copy at the Visitors Center.

Q: What are the types of prizes a player can win?
A: Players will be able to win gift cards & vouchers to local restaurants, shops, and attractions. Learn more here.

Q: Does creativity increase the chances of winning?
A: Yes! Players are encouraged to use their best photo-taking skills to capture the fun and beauty of the activities they participate in during the Challenge.

Q: How old do I have to be to win a prize?
A: There is no age limit!


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