Follow the Fish: Monroe County's History with a Scavenger Hunt

Courthouse Dome and Fish

In 1826, Austin Seward a local blacksmith, created the copper fish resting atop the Monroe County Courthouse. Speculations abound as to why a fish was placed atop the courthouse of a landlocked county decades before the construction of nearby Monroe Lake. Is it a good luck charm, perhaps a political statement, or did Mr. Seward simply like fish?

As a tribute to Monroe County on its 200th birthday, Visit Bloomington placed 25 fish markers at various locations around the county. We challenge you to find them and enjoy the sights along the way. And though we may never know why exactly the fish is at the top of the courthouse, we love that it's another representation of what makes Monroe County such a special place. Click here for the Follow the Fish Scavenger Hunt.

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