Message from Commissioner President, Julie Thomas

Welcome to Monroe County’s Bicentennial Celebration!

Whether you live here or are visiting the area, we invite you to join us as we celebrate this historic year!

Monroe County has a fascinating history – it is evident in the limestone architecture, the historic buildings and monuments, and the cultural artifacts. You can hear it in the stories of Monroe County residents – descendants of founding families and those who have arrived more recently. Monroe County history has been made in the quarries, mills, and shops, in local government, in our schools and churches, on our farms and in the residences of our community. But the fundamental element of our history is the residents who made – and make - Monroe County the special place that it is. In addition to the well-known trailblazers and pioneers, there are those who quietly enacted positive change in our community. These stories inspire us every day.

Please plan to attend (at least) one of the many events listed on the Bicentennial calendar on this website. Bookmark the page, as events will be added throughout the year.

We look forward to celebrating the people and places of Monroe County with you!

Julie L. Thomas