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Friday, January 17, 2014

Eagle Watch Weekend 2014

Categories: Outdoors, Family Fun, Festivals

Have you ever wondered why they hold the annual Eagle Watch Weekend at Lake Monroe in January, instead of say... June? While it might be more enjoyable to search for the elusive eagles in the sky during warmer weather, it would actually be a lot harder to spot them! 

Eagle Watch Weekend is arguably Indiana's premiere annual eagle-watching and birding event. Rest assured, the scheduling of such an important event takes into account the best time of year for successful eagle-spotting on Monroe Lake. Today, after a successful reintroduction program in the 1980's, Monroe Lake is the birding and eagle-watching capital of Indiana, with more than 300 documented species of birds as well as year-round resident pairs of bald eagles that call the lake home.

There are a few reasons for the wintery timing of Eagle Watch Weekend, and eagle viewing in general in this area of the Midwest. One of the primary reasons is that the bald eagles are actually more visible against the typically gray winter skies than against the pretty cloud-filled blue skies of other seasons. In addition, the lack leaves on the trees means it's easier to spot nests and eagles among the branches. Equally important are the many bald eagles from points north that overwinter around Monroe Lake. More eagles in the area means you're more likely to catch a glimpse of one!

Eagle Watch Weekend isn't just about eagle viewing, though - there are more than a dozen programs and outings planned for this year's event, including a live raptor show, nature presentations, special children's activities and more!

This year's Eagle Watch Weekend is January 24-26, 2014. It's not too late to get registered and book your room at beautiful Fourwinds Resort to learn more about the majestic bald eagles, and other birds and animals, that can be seen at Monroe Lake. Be sure to mention Eagle Watch Weekend for a special discounted hotel rate!   

Eagle Watch Weekend 

Tosha Daugherty

Tosha Daugherty

Tosha was the primary contributor to the B-town Blog during her tenure as content coordinator. Her blogs covered a number of topics, from family activities to outdoor excursions.