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Monday, September 11, 2023

Eclipse Education & Safety

When it comes to the Solar Eclipse, safety is a top priority. The links below contain information regarding viewing the Eclipse safely and overall eye safety. Also, there is a list of suppliers that are selling safe solar filters and viewers as well as information on temporary food vendor permits.

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Eclipse Map 2.27


American Astronomical Society

This page lists suppliers of safe solar filters and viewers. To get listed on this page, the glasses had to fulfill the requirements created by the AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force that guarantees that the product is safe, if used correctly. They also list common sites that sell glasses that may be unsafe. 

Bloomington Chamber of Commerce

This page contains tips to help businesses maximize their potential during the 2024 Solar Eclipse event. 

Espanol 2024 Eclipse Safety Flyer

This flyer contains important eclipse safety information and recommendations in Spanish/Espanol.

Indiana University

This page contains information on viewing and eye safety, including methods that cannot be used to view the eclipse. 

Indiana University - Ask the Expert

This page contains a Q&A done with Indiana University's clinical assistant professor at the School of Optometry, Dr. Hin Cheung, about preparing to view the eclipse safely. 

Monroe County Emergency Management Eclipse Information

This page contains information about the 2024 Solar Eclipse, including questions and answers as well as emergency management information. 

Monroe County Health Department - Facebook

Follow the Monroe County Health Department on Facebook for their weekly solar eclipse posts.

Temporary Food Vendors

This page gives details on how to obtain a permit for temporary food vending. Keep in mind that these permits must be obtained 10 days in advance of the event. Call the Monroe County Health Department at 812-349-2837 for more information on food vending.


Samantha Hyde

Samantha Hyde

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