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Friday, August 7, 2009

Long time resident, first time listener

Categories: Family Fun, Live Music

This post was written by guest blogger and Bloomington native Julie Warren.

Last Sunday, I attended my first musical performance at Bryan Park.  I am deeply ashamed to admit this was my first show, being a lifelong resident of Bloomington and huge live-music fan.  But, in my defense, Sundays are a no fuss, no stress day for me and my family.  Even something as simple as going to the park to listen to music was too much of a "hassle" for me… before.  After attending, I now know that it's a perfect lazy Sunday experience. 

I took my 11-month old daughter with me, and despite living less than a mile away, we drove.  That's also a point of shame for me, but we were running late, it's hard to haul baby gear around, and whatever other million other excuses I can come up with.  So, we drove to the park, actually found a great spot in the closest parking lot, and met up with my sister, her boyfriend and her dog (not the same person).  The music had started several minutes before my arrival and the lawn was filled with small clusters of people enjoying the mellow sounds of Stella and Jane.  Many people were picnicking, as was my sister and her companions, and children were playing in the grass and on the playground, with numerous dogs trotting around (on leashes, thank you good citizens) taking in the new smells and sounds.  It was wonderful!  The atmosphere was laid back, no one paying too much attention to what all the other people were doing or not doing.  It was so easy to set up my blanket and baby toys and enjoy the outdoors with my family. 

Quite honestly, I was only half listening to the music because I was too busy chasing my daughter.  But it was a great background sound to my "workout".  And it seemed that everyone was in the same frame of mind, enjoying the music, the company, the outdoors and the relaxed vibe.  It was so enjoyable, so relaxed, that I would commit to doing it again!  Thank goodness there are a few more shows left this summer.

Tosha Daugherty

Tosha Daugherty

Tosha was the primary contributor to the B-town Blog during her tenure as content coordinator. Her blogs covered a number of topics, from family activities to outdoor excursions.