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Friday, April 25, 2008


Categories: Outdoors


My friend, Ron Walker (That's him in these pictures.  Doesn't he look cute?), and I racked up our mountain bikes and headed for Wapehani Mountain Bike Park located right here in the Bloomington city limits just south off of Bloomfield Road (West 2nd Street) across from Twin Lakes Sports Park.  There is a Wapehani sign and it is easy to find.  It’s really cool that this mountain bike park is centrally located in town so it’s easy to get to with very little travel time required if in Bloomington.

Now let’s get something straight.  Ron and I are both old guys and we haven’t been doing much riding, but we have vowed to change that starting with today’s ride.  What’s great about Wapehani is that it has all kinds of terrain with trails winding back and forth.  You can ride for 15-30 minutes and stop back at your car if you need more water or to put air in your tires (that would be Ron).  There are very easy trails for beginners as well as some more technical stuff and the hills are not too bad at all.  Basically, you can take it easy or get a great workout in depending on what you are after.  I think Wapehani is a perfect ride for any beginners, for anyone trying to get back into some sort of riding shape (Ron and me) and as I mentioned previously, if you don’t have time to drive very far out of town.

We rode for approximately 90 minutes total without ever really taking the same exact track twice.  Lake Wapehani is located in the park with the largest, main trail circling around it.  The redbud trees were popping when we rode and it was beautiful out there.  It was a Friday afternoon at around 5 PM and there were only a few other riders in the park.  In addition to the easy riding, I would recommend the park to anyone wanting to hike or trail run in the city limits.  And it’s a perfect spot for the whole family.

You can find out more information about Wapehani Mountain Bike Park by clicking here.

As I said it was a Friday night and Ron and I are both old guys so we do have our priorities in order.  Afterwards, he invited me to his house where he made a splendid dinner and I got to meet his lovely wife and family.  Although I am curious as to how he smuggled that killer spicy chipotle BBQ sauce over the border from Canada as it has to be illegal.  The toughest part of the day was choosing between my first beer being an Upland Dragonfly IPA or an Upland Amber.  Luckily, I was able to have one of each.

Mike McAfee

Mike McAfee

The Executive Director of Visit Bloomington, Mike blogs primarily about outdoor recreation and live music.