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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swimming at Lake Monroe after school

Categories: Outdoors

This is a guest blog from my daughters, Zoe & Tessa.

School started...yuck.  School is ok but we just weren't ready for it to start.  Our dad took off early from work, picked us up after school and took us swimming at the spillway at Lake Monroe with our dog, Sylvester.  Sylvester is a Great Dane/Boxer mix and is the best dog ever.

We throw a ball as far out into the water as we can and he will swim after it and bring it back.  He never gets tired or wants to quit.  Sometimes we hold on to him and our dad and they tow us around.  The spillway is a good place to take your dog because the water is deep and there's not a lot of people around.  We make our dad try and touch the bottom when we are way out there and sometimes he can't.

Our dad wants us to tell how to get to the spillway so people can find it.  It's easy.  Drive south out of B-town on Hwy 37 to Fairfax (Eagle Pointe exit).  Wind around on that across the dam and it turns into Monroe Dam Road.  Turn right on Valley Mission Road.  There is a place right there called Bluebird Trail that looks like a cool place to hike too.  The parking lot for the spillway is on your left just past that.  There is a long gravel path that you walk on to get to the lake.

The best part of going there is swimming with Sylvester and getting ice cream after.

Mike McAfee

Mike McAfee

The Executive Director of Visit Bloomington, Mike blogs primarily about outdoor recreation and live music.