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Monday, June 12, 2017

Top 10 Tastes at Taste of Bloomington 2017

The Taste of Bloomington is one of the city’s most iconic events and for many it feels like the official kick off of the summer season. In honor of this year’s Taste I’m sharing my Top 10 Tastes at Taste, in no particular order.


1. Blue Flame bison sliders – Upland Brewing Co.

The blue cheese-jalapeno spread is sure to create a few sweat beads on my forehead but so long as I have a cold beer close by, I’ll be just fine.


2. Sweet Corn on the Cob – Smokin’ Jack’s Rib Shack

Dipped in butter and sprinkled with a little bit of salt, there really is no better food to describe summer in Indiana.


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3. Thai Red Curry – Cluster Truck 

You can never go wrong with curry. 


4. Cheese sticks – Opie Taylor’s

Sign me up for two. Anything that contains deep-fried cheese is a winner in my eyes.


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5. Meatballs Bucharest – Janko’s Little Zagreb

Fingers crossed for a small side of sour cream to accompany this spicy, yet oh-so-delicious appetizer.


6. Paneer Tikka Masala – Taste of India

The perfect vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka masala.  The marinated paneer cheese is so delicious.


7. Tacos – La Poblana

These authentic street tacos are always a winner.  I am hoping they have carne asada.


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8. Baklava – Trojan Horse

The sweet honey holds the chopped nuts and crisp layers of phyllo together perfectly.  I’ll do my best to savor it and not pop the whole thing in my mouth at once.  


9. BLT Skewers – Scholar’s Inn

Another Indiana summer favorite.  Sounds like the perfect food to eat while walking around looking for more food to eat.


10. Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich – Hartzell’s Ice Cream

May need to start with dessert because I have a feeling this little bit of heaven won’t last long! 



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I will probably gain 10 lbs next Saturday, but the good music will be encouragement to keep moving and hopefully burn off some of the calories! I’m going to wear tennis shoes so my feet don’t give out before I’m done tasting. I’m also going to make sure I grab my refillable water bottle before I leave the house because the City of Bloomington has free water for everyone. Lastly, I’ll need pockets to keep a stash of napkins to wipe my mouth in between bites! For more information on the Taste of Bloomington, visit the website.  Don’t forget to upload pictures of your favorites throughout the night and tag #tasteofbloomington

Erin White

Erin White

Erin is the Director of Leisure Marketing & Media for Visit Bloomington.