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Monday, July 7, 2008

Two Under

Categories: Outdoors

I am without a doubt the world's worst golfer.  Call me a hack golfer and I'll take it as a compliment.  But, for the first time in my life, I am actually enjoying it.  I'm still a beginner and learning how to play so every shot is an adventure.  Bloomington has something to offer for golfers of all skill levels at very affordable prices.  I have had the pleasure/adventure of playing four Bloomington area courses in the last month...

Cascades Golf Course:

There are 27 holes on this golf course which is owned and operated by the City of Bloomington.  Cascades consists of three 9-hole courses and on this day I played the Pine Course (par 36 & 3,135 yards) as I started out.  It was a beautiful, cool June summer day late in the afternoon without a cloud in the sky.  Perfect conditions.  I played with a friend of mine and we got the weekday Twilight Green Fee of $26 for 18 holes and a cart.  Not a bad deal at all.  I always play my worst on the 1st hole of the day and today was no exception.  Luckily, no one got hurt.  We played the Quarry Course (par 35 & 2,995 yards) for our second nine.  Appropriately named due to a few shallow open pits found throughout the course as part of its attractive landscaping, I enjoyed this course even more than Pine.  I'm the type of golfer that keeps track of my score by the number of balls I lose in a round and today I only lost three.  Normally I lose five so today I was two under.  Not too shabby.  You can find out more information or reserve a tee time at Cascades by calling 812-349-3764.  www.bloomington.in.gov/parks

Eagle Pointe Golf Resort:

Eagle Pointe is located on Lake Monroe, making it one of the most scenic golf settings in the state.  It's a par 71 over 18 holes and 6,678 yards.  We played on a Sunday morning and it was $45 for green fees with a cart.  That's quite affordable for a course in a resort setting on a weekend.  Check out their web site – www.eaglepointe.com – for more rate information or call 812-824-4040.  My 1st two tee shots at hole #1 went a combined total of 22 yards and I lost three balls alone on the 10th hole (uh...lots of water!).  Other than that, I didn't damage any boats, was two under for the day (two under 110) and had a blast.  Bonus for the day was that we played with a nice couple from Ohio and luckily they were smart enough not to be Buckeye fans!

Indiana University Golf Course:

This course is epic big (18 holes over 6,891 yards) and spread out with plenty of trees lining both sides of the fairways.  It's a par 71 owned by Indiana University and open to the public.  I got off to my usual terrible start on the first hole (what do you call it when you shoot a 13 on a par 5? Octabogie?) but settled down and had fun on the next 17 holes.  We saw Bigfoot (turned out to be a huge deer) on the 12th hole and contrary to popular belief, I did not hit it with my tee shot.  I once again finished two under (two under 120) for the day.  Call 812-855-7543 or log on to  http://iuhoosiers.cstv.com/iugolfcourse/ind-iugolfcourse.html for more information.

Taylors' Par 3:

This place is a great place to work on your short game (I love saying that!) or to go if you are just learning how to play like me.  It's $9 for unlimited play on this 9-hole, 1,159 yard course.  It's a fun place to take your kids and it's open until 10 PM with lights for playing after the sun goes down.  I really recommend this course for everyone.  You can get through all nine holes in less than an hour and I played 45 holes in about three hours on a Saturday afternoon.  Yep, I shot my usual two under again.  812-330-8611 or www.taylorspar3.com.

Mike McAfee

Mike McAfee

The Executive Director of Visit Bloomington, Mike blogs primarily about outdoor recreation and live music.