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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What's on Your B-town Bucket List?

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We're about one month away from Indiana University's graduation weekend...
and that means there are thousands of Hoosiers getting ready to graduate and leave Bloomington to begin exciting new adventures. We wish them well and hope to see them back to visit at some point, but in the meantime we've put together a list of classic only-in-Bloomington, off-campus experiences every student should be sure to have before graduation day.
Here are thirty things to add to your B-town Bucket List: 

  1.  See a local play by Cardinal Stage Co. or the BPP

  2. Enjoy some live music at The BluebirdB-town Bucket List

  3. Eat a steak at Janko's Little Zagreb

  4. Spend an afternoon looking for eagles at Lake Monroe

  5. Climb the Hickory Ridge Fire Tower (bring a camera)

  6. Visit the Butler Winery Vineyard location

  7. Walk the entire B-Line Trail

  8. Watch the sunset with friends from the Upland Patio

  9. Visit WonderLab

  10. Hike back to the waterfall at Cascades Park

  11. Go rock climbing at Hoosier Heights

  12. Eat a picnic in a local park

  13. Ice cream at the Chocolate Moose

  14. Take in a show at the Comedy Attic

  15. Participate in Downtown Gallery Walk at least once

  16. Eat at Hinkle's Hamburgers

  17. Take a selfie with Herman (and one with Hoagy, too)

  18. Walk the trail at Leonard Springs Nature Park

  19. Go to a drive-in movie

  20. Go to at least one restaurant on 4th street

  21. Play pool or darts at the Vid

  22. Hike out to Steppe Cemetery in Morgan-Monroe State Forest

  23. Spin the prayer wheels at the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center

  24. Dessert with drinks at Oliver Winery Downtown

  25. Actually go inside the Monroe County Courthouse (don't forget to look up)

  26. Attend the farmers market at least once

  27. Visit the Monroe County History Center

  28. Go hiking or canoeing at Lake Griffy 

  29. Discover the Little Africa Wildlife Area at Lake Lemon 

  30. ... and have lunch at Porthole Inn

  31. Spend the afternoon at Lake Monroe

For extra credit, venture beyond Bloomington proper to explore a few our neighboring communities. Here are five day trips we highly recommend:

  1. Visit the Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum in nearby Solsberry

  2. Explore Bluespring Caverns, Spring Mill's Pioneer Village and learn about Gus Grissom in Lawrence County

  3. Drive over to Nashville and visit Brown County State Park (and do some shopping!)

  4. Go to the Art Sanctuary (and Candy Kitchen) in nearby Martinsville 

  5. Venture as far as Columbus to visit Zaharako's and relax in Mill Race Park


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Are there things you'd add to our B-town Bucket List? Leave us a comment! 

Tosha Daugherty

Tosha Daugherty

Tosha was the primary contributor to the B-town Blog during her tenure as content coordinator. Her blogs covered a number of topics, from family activities to outdoor excursions.