​ROX Second Season Digital Release Party- A Benefit For WFHB!

  • June 26, 2018
  • The Comedy Attic
  • 123 S. Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN 47408
  • (812) 336-5233
  • 8:00 PM
  • $10

ROX Second Season Digital Release Party & Tarnished Silver Anniversary Celebration

The underground TV series ROX returns to Bloomington, where it was born. In later years, ROX would be celebrated as "the best TV show in America" (Wired) and "the first TV show in cyberspace" (Time) but Bloomingtonians remember when the "bad boys of cable access" (Nuvo) were a strictly local phenomenon.

We're celebrating our silver anniversary AND the long-dreaded digital release of our second season of stupidity. Remember back in 2012 when we did that live show with clips from our egregious first season? This will be like that but totally different. It's a live performance with specialty cocktails and weird surprises.

Only this time, we'll have a better set of video clips, because Season Two is slightly closer to watchable:
One of us got his septum pierced.
Two of us got married (to each other!) in a crazy puppet show ceremony.
We explored how to "load" fruit with alcohol.
We braved the backwoods of Indiana to visit the longest train trestle in the United States.
We learned to ice skate.
We interviewed Noam Chomsky.
The season ended with a bang and a puff of smoke, as we burned a joint in front of the Monroe County Courthouse, a stunt that landed us on MTV and the Howard Stern Show. Marijuana was still illegal back then.
The evening will feature a live presentation by J&B interspersed with select video clips, showcasing highlights from the second season of ROX (1993-1994).
Xy (Christy Paxson) is also confirmed for the bill, but she doesn't know what she'll do.
TBlack unfortunately is being deported by the Trump administration.
Drink specials featuring the best drinks from the second season of ROX.
Other surprises as they emerge from our fevered imaginations.

​ROX Second Season Digital Release Party- A Benefit For WFHB!