Bloomington Krampus Night at Home

  • Krampus Night
  • December 5, 2020
  • Bloomington, IN
  • 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Free & paid experience packages avail.

All year long, St. Nick keeps his eyes open. He records our behavior in his book. There are two lists: NAUGHTY & NICE. Every year on Krampus Night, the folks on the NICE list get treats and presents. And the naughty? They feel the fear of the Krampus!

This year, the Bloomington Krampus Krewe will share the joy and terror of Krampus Night wherever you are. You will get more than simple “best of” videos or talking Zoom heads. Krampus Night 2020 will be a fully interactive experience.

Plan to join in on December 5th for a full day of FREE frightening fun for your home’s close family & friends. We’ll enjoy at-home activities like storytelling, tasty treats, crafts, singing, costume and drawing contests, honoring the NICE, and outdoor activities including decorating downtown Bloomington, sack races, craft time, getting yummy items from local businesses, and active play.

Then we will all ring the bells to sound the alarm that "THE KRAMPUS ARE COMING". This year however rather than line the streets, we will settle in to watch the angels, St. Nick, and fire heralds using social media. The last time we checked on the Krampus they were still slumbering – but with all the NAUGHTY behavior in 2020, we are confident they will RAWR out of hibernation on time to join the show.

To help enhance your homegrown Krampus Night celebration we are offering Krampus Experience Packages in four levels of experiences ranging from a set of downloadable activities and treats to elaborate boxes full of fun shipped right to your door.

Act fast! Only a limited number of Krampus Experience Packages will be available. Orders for mailed packages must be received by *NOVEMBER 19th* so we can guarantee arrival by December 1st. If the Krampus Experience Package you want sells out, make sure to join the waitlist (or send a message to Bloomington Krampus on Facebook) so we can let you know if we offer more. We like being extra NICE, so not only are all these boxes below retail prices, but there will also not be any sneaky Eventbrite fees, shipping and handling charges, or taxes. All items will be available for download on November 29th or mailed to your home and on your doorstep by December 1st.

Bloomington Krampus Night at Home