Full Moon Wellness Retreat

Join us for the Full Moon on Wednesday, December 11th from 6-9pm for a our first (of hopefully many) Full Moon Welness Retreats in collaboration with local practitioners and Bloomington Salt Cave.

We have room for two groups of 6 to join us on this journey. The first group will begin at Bloomington Salt Cave, the second at Gather. Once registered, you will be notified of your group's starting place prior to the event.


At Gather you will experience 10 minute individual sessions with each practitioner. Then, you will have time to partake in light refreshments provided by Gather as well as to peruse the shoppe for any of your wellness needs.

Tarot with Scott Kellogg:
Scott Kellogg is an intuitive tarot consultant who uses the cards to encourage self-empowerment and inner transformation. He can be found on the web at scottkellogg.com and on social media as Scott Kellogg Tarot.

Sound Healing with Molly Adkins:
Molly uses sound healing instruments, such as the Tibetan singing bowls, to assess the body’s energy field, release stagnant energy and bring in harmony and relaxation.

Crystal Healing with Jes Miller

Intuitive Reading with Trista Price:
Trista Price is a Healer, Medicine Woman and Lightworker. As a channeler and intuitive, she will assist you in connecting to your own divine magic, guides and angels. You can ask about your career, relationships, challenges, how to be more present and connected in your life and more. Trista's intention is to help elevate your mindset and to assist in connecting you to your amazing inner wisdom. You can connect with her at healingsacredspace.com and on social media at Healing Sacred Space.


At Bloomington Salt Cave you will experience a 45 minute halotherapy session in their inviting salt cave. When inhaled, the micron-sized particles stimulate an anti-inflammatory response, reducing irritated airways and thinning mucus in the bronchial tubes and lungs. Detoxifies and accelerates recovery from common colds and the flu.

After and before you will have time to peruse their retail section and enjoy light refreshments.


Spend an hour and a half at Gather, and then an hour and a half at Bloomington Salt Cave (or vice versa); plenty of time to get some shopping done, visit with friends, nosh on some light refreshments, and participate individually in each activity. Once each group is finished at their beginning location, a guide will walk them to the next stop!

An experience not to forget!


Bloomington Salt Cave is located at 115 N Madison St Suite B1, kitty corner from Bloomingfoods on the near west side (in the Photo Solution Building).

Gather is located at 116 N. College Ave, on the downtown square, located in between Malibu Grill and Global Gifts.

Full Moon Wellness Retreat