Hybridmotion | Descent | Live Performance and Artist Q + A

The FAR Center for Contemporary Arts presents, Descent by Hybridmotion Dance Theater. This collaborative production, directed and choreographed by husband and wife duo Jun Kuribayashi and Mia Dalglish, combines theater, visual arts and unconventional dance to delve into the world of the unconscious.

Dancers: Trea Dipkin (Captain), Heather Easley, Ori Harris, Tzshedom Tingkhhye, Lila Kushner, Hannah Laski


Q + A with the Artists following the performance



HYBRIDMOTION is an artistic movement and dance theatre company co-directed by husband and wife duo, Jun Kuribayashi + Mia Dalglish. Their diverse, yet complimentary backgrounds in the performing and fine art worlds meld to create HYBRIDMOTION’s unique aesthetic.​ HYBRIDMOTION dance theater embraces skilled performers from a variety of movement backgrounds and fosters the creation of inventive and unconventional work on the stage. Jun and Mia are based out of Boston, MA where they live with their feisty wiener dogs, Roo and Mouse.

Hybridmotion | Descent | Live Performance and Artist Q + A