Krampus Night

  • December 3, 2016
  • Showers Common
  • 401 N. Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47402
  • 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Free

5th Annual Bloomington Krampus Night


5-7pm- Krampus Bazaar, Showers Common

Join us in our expanded festive, winter celebration area. Hop-along in our sack race created for kids of all ages. Make a Krampus mask. See the 2016 t-shirt design and our other cool Krampus items at the mercantile. Draw some Krampus inspired chalk art. Warm up by our patio heater! Get your photo taken with Krampus after the parade. Share support for the all-volunteer Krampus Night by contributing to one of our donation baskets or trunks.

"Harm's Way" @ the Bazaar
Surrounded by Krampus can you get from one end to the other? They are more fierce when they are confined! For a donation you can experience the Krampus up close - too close!

Concessions by numerous food trucks (TBD).

6pm- The Parade, Madison Street, Starting at 3rd Street, ending at Showers Commons
Everyone's here: the Angels, St. Nicholas, and of course the Krampus!

Before the parade Krampus Night staff will be handing out stickers labeled "Naughty" and "Nice." You decide for yourself (and any children) which sticker to wear. Wear a "nice" sticker and St Nicholas or an angel may give you candy for being on the "good list". After the angels have passed, anyone wearing a "naughty" sticker beware because the Krampus are coming. Straight from the European Alps they are ready to find the naughty in the crowd and remind them that bad behavior has consequences too. View the Krampus from a "safe" distance or if you dare stand close and risk a quick swat.

HINT: To get the best chance at a close encounter with a Krampus, find a spot on Madison between 3rd and Kirkwood.

*later that night*
Downtown Bloomington

Beware of the late night actions of the Krampus! After being under such tight control of Saint Nicholas all day, as the night wears on they often escape and run rampant around downtown. We never know when or where they will go but beware, if you go out for a drink or dinner that evening, you could find them lurking about and terrorizing the town.

Krampus Night