Krampus Rampage & Bazaar

  • December 1, 2018
  • Showers Common
  • 401 N. Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47402
  • 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Free

Bazaar Open: 5-7:30p 
Rampage: 6p
Wild in the Streets: ~8pm
Many Details Below: including the best spots to see it all!

* Be NICE to everyone, even if you're NAUGHTY
* Wear festive attire 
* Buy cool stuff and donate to support Bloomington Krampus

The over 100 volunteers that form the Krampus Legend and Arts Workshop (KLAW), are simply a group of friends who pull this together by the skin of their teeth in a scrappy kind of way. Every dollar truly does make a difference. Insurance, security, and safety measures are expensive – the raw meat bills for the Krampus alone are exorbitant! RAWR!


Showers Common 
Open before, during, and after the Rampage

A community celebration with a variety of activities - created for “kids” of all ages. 

Drop some dollars to support this crazy event and enjoy the fun!
* Hop in a sack race – or the Krampus might toss you in their sacks. 
* Wear your own balloon Krampus horns.
* Make a Krampus mask.
* Draw Krampus-inspired chalk art. 
* Warm up by our patio heater! 
* Get your photo taken with Krampus after the parade. 
* RUN! Surrounded by the fierce Krampus, you will scream through "Harm's Way".

You can get the 2018 T-shirt design and our other cool Krampus items. Creations from local artists, unique items we get shipped in, and our own Bloomington Krampus supplies, including routen – the switches used by the Krampus.

Many of our goods are only available in small quantities, that we plan to sell out of – and that we don’t sell again. So swing by early and if you like something, buy it then. 

Get a “NAUGHTY” or “NICE” sticker from a Krampus Krewe member in the Bazaar. You decide for yourself (and any children) which sticker to wear. Wear a “NICE” sticker and St Nicholas or an angel may give you candy for being on the “good list”. After the angels have passed, anyone wearing a “NAUGHTY” sticker beware because the Krampus are coming for you.

Concessions by numerous food trucks (TBD).

We want to know where you are from. Swing by our maps and take a pin and show us where you traveled from to join us! Bloomington and other Indiana folks, we mean you too. 


Begins at 4th Street and B-Line Trail
Moves north/right up Madison toward 7th Street.
Then turn east/right on 7th Street
Then north/left on Morton Street
Roaring into the Bazaar at Showers Commons 
Through the main entrance.

Get a “NAUGHTY” or “NICE” sticker from a Krampus Krewe member, angel or volunteer along the Rampage path. You decide for yourself (and any children) which sticker to wear. Wear a “NICE” sticker and St Nicholas or an angel may give you candy for being on the “good list”. After the angels have passed, anyone wearing a “NAUGHTY” sticker beware because the Krampus are coming for you.

Want a great spot? Grab a lawn chair, bring a warm drink, and get there early. The people who get there first get the spots they claim. 

The easiest place to see the Krampus has been near the intersection of 4th and Madison Street. This area is consistently full of front and second-row access areas. The hardest place to get a good view is near the intersection of 7th and Madison – and one block in either direction.

For our guests with ability issues, there are designated parking spots along 7th Street between Rogers and Madison and an accessible viewing area at the Northwest corner of 7th and Madison. We encourage you to bring seating. Contact us if you need further assistance.

We will have a kids-only viewing area this time. Put your child in a unique hat and they can join the other kids in the kids-only viewing area. If you want to be with your kid while they watch the parade, ensure you get there early enough to get a good spot along the route. Kids don’t have priority over people who get there earlier. This is not a kid’s event, it is a community event. 

Also, this shouldn’t need to be said… don’t squirm or bully your way in front of people who are already in place. They just might start pointing at you and chanting “NAUGHTY! NAUGHTY!” You would deserve that shame. Really, they just might. This event is ABOUT good behavior. Show that you belong here. Remember the core value of this event is BAD BEHAVIORS HAVE BAD CONSEQUENCES. 

An angel queen welcomes you all, followed by hula hooping angels, with glowing halos. St Nick and more angels follow, happy to see all the “NICE” people in the crowd. Passing out candy and glad tidings. 

Fire, drum beats, and large banners announce the arrival of the KRAMPUS! Tall, hairy beasts, with long horns and fierce claws, are ready to attack, swat, smudge, and scare you and remind us all that BAD BEHAVIORS HAVE BAD CONSEQUENCES. 

You can view the Krampus from a “safe” distance. 
If you dare stand close and risk a quick swat. 

Keep yourself and any kids or dogs out of the defined path at all times. Because the Krampus are lumbering beasts (with eyes that only focus on the naughty) and our fire performers’ are flinging flames all about – the rampage route is NOT safe. Do not move the barriers.

Police, security, and Krampus Krewe members will fiercely defend the path for your safety. 

Due to safety issues and poor examples by those who came before you, ONLY KLAW approved photographers are allowed in the designated rampage route. Other photographers MUST stay behind the barricade - media included. 


*later that night, perhaps around 8p*
Downtown Bloomington

Beware of the late night actions of the Krampus! After being under such tight control of Saint Nicholas all day, as the night wears on they often escape and run rampant around downtown. We never know when or where they will go but beware, if you go out for a drink or dinner that evening, you could find them lurking about and terrorizing the town.


What will the Krampus do to the NAUGHTY?
Krampus love to frighten bad children (and adults!). Some swat with a switch. They may touch your face, leaving an ashen mark that attracts bad dreams. Some take back the presents St. Nick has given, leaving a lump of coal instead. Depending on where you are they may chase you! Only St. Nick has the power to send the Krampus away, but in return, we must behave.

Is my kid ready for this?
There is no age limit for the Krampus. You know your children best. Some kids get frightened when they get their pictures taken with Santa or the Easter Bunny at the mall. Krampus are kind of like that – most kids love them, some don’t. Remember you can determine if they wear a naughty or nice sticker and how close to the parade path you stand. Thousands of Alpine children (of all ages) enjoy Krampus Night every year.

Where are they from?
As early as the 17th century, in Alpine Europe, nice children have been rewarded with gifts from St. Nicholas during the holiday season. But, naughty children are punished by his feisty companions, the Krampus - tall, hairy beasts with long wild horns.

What about Santa Claus?
We all know part of the story: St. Nick making his list and checking it twice, marking down who’s naughty or nice. St. Nick evolved into Santa Claus in the States, but Santa neglected and eventually abandoned the punishment duties of the Krampus. Most American kids aren’t afraid of getting a lump of coal in their stockings. And jolly ol’ Santa only gives presents.

Why do the Krampus come?
To remind children — and adults — about the importance of being good and the fear of behaving badly.

Who is doing this? How does it come together?
Krampus Rampage and Bazaar are produced by Krampus Legend and Arts Workshop (KLAW), a diverse collective of friends who are artists and organizers with documented experience creating successful artwork and events. We are not taking new volunteers at this time. 

This project is supported by the support of awesome community members LIKE YOU (please consider donating at the event, thank you). 

KLAW thanks:
For financial support to ensure the event is safe, insured, and well promoted. 

We also honor our partnerships with the Bloomington Police Department, Parks & Recreation, Fire Department, and Public Works. 

Bloomington Krampus is oh so thankful for our many Community Partners including:
Bloomington Brewing Company’s Krampus Ale
Clockwerk Creature Company
Cyclops Studios
Graham’s Security Patrol

And to all of you anonymous donors that drop $20s & 100’s in our donation baskets, hand Kel $200 – 1,000 checks behind the scenes, and donate your amazingly valuable services or space for free - we can’t scream your names to the rooftops for your fabulous support, but do know we are forever thankful. You know who you are. 

To learn more and get social media updates from the crew on Facebook (search “Bloomington Krampus), Twitter (@btown_krampus), and Instagram (search “Bloomington Krampus).

Krampus Rampage & Bazaar