Martina Celerin Fiber Artist at Gather

Gather is honored to host local fiber artist Martina Celerin for our Earth Day Gallery Walk in April.

Artist Statement:

I am a fiber artist. I create large three-dimensional tapestries by combining varied materials and techniques to create weaving-felting fusions. Often I create images of dense forests, scenic roadways, and expansive lake scenes. But sometimes I want to explore the relevance of small, but important parts of our everyday lives – such as food.

Artist Bio:

I began creating small felted tiles as a mid-west retablo to fruits and vegetables. My inspiration comes from our Saturday morning visits to the Bloomington Farmer’s Market. In my family I’m the big tomato fan, so when I arrive at the farmer’s market I casually conduct a surveillance loop around the vendor’s stands to pick out my one perfect tomato for the week. My selection has to big, red, ripe and juicy, but not especially pretty. I love the idea of having one big fat slice of tomato in my sandwich - as thick as the bread slices. My romantic perception of this weekly ritual reveals how I view the subjects for these new felted pieces. I’m trying to capture the essence of that one, big special thing recognized as essential to your life. For my family, the week the first ripe strawberries appear in boxes on tables at the market is a good example. On that special day you suddenly see the rich, red color and the memory about how much you love them kicks in. We buy a box and eat them raw at the market. Then we usually buy a couple more boxes and put them in a big bowl at the center of the table to munch on. Taking an important part of your life and framing the memory on the wall is important to me. Of course as soon as I started making one type of fruit or vegetable I was inspired to begin making another. I also love the idea of being able to piece together a favorite dish by combining tiles. One can create a fruit salad piece by bringing together orange, banana and kiwi slices on tiles. Or you might think of borscht by mixing beets, onion slices and garlic. The tiles are like a visual recipe. Of course some of the tiles do speak volumes standing alone. There is something seductive about a pile of cherries, which my brain would immediately commit to inclusion in a pie.

Come visit Gather from 5-8pm on Friday, April 6th to celebrate Earth Day and Gallery Walk. You will find amazing three-dimensional weavings from local artist Martina Celerin (and meet the artist!) as well as a variety of other activities to help celebrate our Earth!

Gather will be hosting models from Plato’s Closet Presents Trashion ReFashion Show, as well as a seed cub craft hosted by Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. In addition, we'll be collecting donations for Mother Hubbard's Cupboard for the month of April to help them celebrate their 20th Anniversary!

Martina Celerin Fiber Artist at Gather