Order Up! Restaurants of Monroe County

"Order Up! Restaurants of Monroe County" highlights the important place that restaurants have in our community's history. We often gather in restaurants and around food to celebrate happy occasions or comfort one another during sad moments. We strengthen friendships and form new ones over a meal in restaurants. The places we love to each and share meals with one another can hold a deep place in our lives and Order Up! strives to honor those places. The exhibit will remember those beloved places that have gone from our community, such as Ladyman's and Pancho's Villa. As well as celebrate those long-standing establishments that have become synonymous with Bloomington, such as Nick's English Hut and Trojan Horse.

Order Up! Restaurants of Monroe County
  • to
  • Monroe County History Center
  • $2 adults, $1 students, free for members and ages under 5
  • Recurring daily