Pieces of Me

Reserved Seating: https://monroehistory.org/events/pieces-of-me/

Discover Bo Petersen's family secrets in a riveting one-woman performance. Unveiling her father's hidden life during Apartheid, this play delves into identity complexities and the impact of historical injustices. More than a play, it's a powerful exploration of transgenerational trauma and a call to break free from silence.

Bo believes in theatre's power to heal across generations. Join us for an afternoon confronting shadows of the past, witnessing strength born from adversity.

"Pieces of Me" is a catalyst for change, an ode to resilience, and a beacon of hope for a South Africa grappling with its tumultuous history. Secure your tickets for a performance resonating with the universal pursuit of truth and healing.

Pieces of Me
  • to
  • Monroe County History Center
  • Free; Reserved Seating