Pitch Black | 2024 Solar Eclipse

  • IU Cinema
  • April 4, 2024
  • IU Cinema
  • 1213 E. 7th Street, Bloomington, IN 47405
  • (812) 856-2463
  • 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • $5

Get in the mood for the April 8 total solar eclipse with our special First Thursdays screening of this eclipse-centric 2000 sci-fi classic!
About Pitch Black
When their ship crash-lands on a remote planet illuminated in perpetual daylight by three suns, the marooned passengers soon learn that escaped convict Riddick (Vin Diesel) isn't the only thing they have to fear. After exploring their surroundings, they discover an abandoned geological research station that indicates a total solar eclipse is nigh. Once utter darkness overcomes them, they learn quickly that creatures lurk in the shadows. With the body count rising, the doomed survivors—including pilot Carolyn Fry (Radha Mitchell), bounty hunter William J. Johns (Cole Hauser), and preacher Abu "Imam" al-Walid (Keith David)—are forced to turn to Riddick with his eerie eyes to guide them through the darkness to safety. With time running out, there's only one rule: stay in the light. Pitch Black is the original sci-fi hit that introduced the world to the character of Riddick, the ultimate anti-hero. Take a ride on the pulse-pounding adrenaline rush that USA Today calls "the best excuse to root for the bad guy since Arnold in the original Terminator." [109 min; action, horror, sci-fi; English]

"What starts as a space-operatic adventure in an exotic world soon becomes monster horror pitched somewhere between Mario Bava's Planet of the Vampires and James Cameron's Aliens." — Anton Bitel, Through the Trees

"Between the tart dialogue, the compelling lead performances, the vivid violence and the stunning cinematography, it's complete and satisfying all on its own." — Shawn Levy, Portland Oregonian


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Pitch Black | 2024 Solar Eclipse