Rites of Spring

  • April 7, 2023 - May 22, 2023
  • Recurring every 45 days
  • By Hand Gallery 101 W Kirkwood Ave. Suite 109, Bloomington, IN 47405
  • (812) 334-3255
  • 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Free

Rites of Spring is presented at By Hand Gallery and will feature the work of Paul Smedberg and Sarah Pearce with an opening reception on Friday, April 7th, from 5–8 pm for Gallery Walk, Bloomington.

Spring messes with us. After the dingy, cold, oppressive days of winter, spring rages forth with fresh abandon, making promises. Growth, color, babies of virtually every kind of being emerge whose fecundity herald hope and prosperity. We are driven to partake of its riches — marking its tide with rites of discovery and celebration. The artists, Paul Smedberg and Sarah Pearce, have each translated their exploratory spring treks, photographs, and drawings into visual analogs of vibrating color and form and the rites of spring.

Sarah Pearce paints with oil on canvas using transparency and resist in shaped layers of color that convey experiences that shudder with their complexity in an unfixed time. In Mayapples, the plants are only seen in silhouette amid riotous color at the base of a grand tree — their transparency suggestive both of their ephemeral state and the future emergence of a mushroom colony. Sarah reflects:

…My moment of understanding, meaning, beauty
Facets glittering, peeling away, growing, arranging, taking position
…All substrates activated and turning.

Paul Smedberg digitally transmutes his photographs ¬– and his experiences. His work ranges in scale from monumental (7’x12’) to small (5”x7”). Other pieces are designed specifically for digital viewing including animated motiongraphics. He creates:

“from a perspective that could only be obtained by crumpling, slicing and folding our three-dimensional world. By bringing together multiple images and shapes, I’m creating/revealing extra information about a single setting that results from connections across widely differing directions and scales.
I’m portraying rifts in space, time and point-of-view – looking at a setting from multiple perspectives simultaneously. Showing imagined lines of force and revealing unseen intersections and influences.

Rites of Spring