STEM Saturdays for Families

Weather permitting – Masks Required - Distance Enforced

Come to WonderLab for STEM Saturdays – a great opportunity for the whole family or group to explore the engineering design process as well as develop STEM skills such as defining & problem solving, exploring cause & effect, and the collaborative process. This program is made possible through funding from Cook Medical. and CFC Properties.

April 3: Stomp Rockets
Come explore the physics of flight and use compression to launch rockets!

April 10: Asteroid Mining
Learn about asteroids and imagine the challenges and opportunities of asteroid mining. Participants will draw their own asteroid mining machines, and consider how these devices would extract, process, and return mined materials to Earth.

April 17: Catapults
Explore potential and kinetic energy and energy transfer - with catapults! Use your creativity, design skills and trial and error as you design and test.

April 24: Nebula Spin Art
Learn about nebula - gigantic clouds of gas and dust in space and create a colorful model using paint and and the centrifugal force of a spinner.

STEM Saturdays for Families