Submit an Event

Visit Bloomington prides itself on offering visitors a robust, informative calendar of events to refer to when planning their trip to the area. If you or your organization are planning a qualifying event in Monroe County, we would be thrilled to share it on our events calendar. Please review our qualifying events specifications, tips, and requirements, then fill out the form below if your event fits all qualifying criteria. You will receive notification that your event has been approved or denied within approximately 72 hours of submission.

Qualifying Events

The Visit Bloomington events calendar is aimed at visitors seeking leisure activities and unique experiences. Ask yourself, "Would I do this while on vacation?"

Events that are likely to be approved:
  • Festivals and fairs
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts and other live music events
  • Art exhibitions
  • Theater & dance performances
  • Stand-up comedy performances
  • Talks and Q&As with prominent figures
Events that are not likely to be approved:
  • Fundraisers and charity functions
  • Happy hours and dining specials
  • Trivia nights at bars and restaurants
  • Lectures and workshops
  • Networking events
  • Pet adoptions
  • Grand openings of businesses
  • Religious ceremonies and functions
  • Camps, auditions, and grade school performances
  • Open houses
  • Events located outside of Monroe County
  • Events that are only open to organization members rather than the general public


  • Before you complete this form, search the calendar to ensure your event hasn't already been added.
  • All entries should be submitted no less than 10 days prior to the date of the event.
  • All submission forms must be filled out entirely, including the event description and contact information. Forms with blank entry fields or no description will not be processed for posting.
  • All submission forms must include a high-resolution image, preferably a photo from the event. Exceptions can be made for first-time events.
    • Do not upload an event flier or graphic with heavy copy.
    • Minimum image dimensions are 300px x 250px.
  • All recurring entries must have an end date. If you do not enter an end date, one will be added during the approval process. 
  • All recurring events must end in the current calendar year. If your event stretches beyond that date, you are welcome to submit a second listing with a beginning and end date in the new year. 
  • Exceptions to these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the Visit Bloomington staff.


  • The more information you provide, the better your listing will be. Think about reading your event listing from the perspective of a visitor who wants to know all there is to know about your event.
  • Use proper punctuation and complete sentences.
  • Do not use all caps (ex. OUR EVENT IS FREE).
  • Include a URL to direct people to your website for more information and event updates.
  • Choose your venue from the dropdown menu, and don't forget to fill out the street address, complete with city, state, and ZIP code, so our mapping feature can show visitors where your event is located.
  • If you use the autofill feature, review your entries before submitting to ensure you've completed the form with the correct information — sometimes home addresses are autofilled rather than work addresses!

If you have further questions, need to make changes to a pre-existing listing, encounter any errors, or need assistance while submitting an event, please contact Teal Strabbing, Visitor Services Manager, at (812) 355-7725 or