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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Small Town with a History of Openness and Acceptance

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"The verdict: Whether you're gay, straight, or somewhere in between, Bloomington offers something rarely found in this country: a small town with a bold history of openness and acceptance."  - The Out Traveler Magazine

"The variety of interests and cultures in what is seemingly the middle of nowhere is what makes Bloomington something special."   -Bart Everly, Travel Writer

"There are funky shops, unusual restaurants and brewpubs, two wineries and loads of outdoor activity through the state's only national forest."  - New York Blade

"#1 Surprisingly gay small town destination"   - Advocate.com & OutTraveler.com

"4th Gayest city in America" - The Advocate

Why are so many people raving about Bloomington, Indiana?  Well, Bloomington is developing quite a reputation as a funky Midwestern college town where all types of travelers are welcome - including the GLBT market.  While Bloomington has long appealed to gays and lesbians as a great place to live, it has just recently begun to attract attention as a travel destination. The home of the nation's fifth largest per capita population of same-sex couples, Bloomington is one of the most progressive cities in the Midwest and one of only a handful of cities in the region that includes coverage of sexual orientation in its human rights ordinance. As Out Traveler Magazine said, "Bloomington has always been a bastion of liberalism, attracting free thinkers . . ."

This quintessential college town nestled in the rolling hills of south central Indiana is home to Indiana University, rated as one of the five most beautiful campuses in the nation in Thomas A. Gaines' book, The Campus as a Work of Art.  The collegiate atmosphere attracts a population that is Bohemian, scholastic, multi-cultural and youthful all at the same time.  To learn more about Bloomington's rainbow flavor, go to www.visitgaybloomington.com where you'll see why Bloomington has developed quite a following among gay and lesbian travelers.