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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bloomington Receives #1 Ranking from Advocate.com

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Rob DeCleene, 812.355.7725

Bloomington Receives #1 Ranking from Advocate.com

B-town tops list of “top five surprisingly gay small towns.”

Bloomington, Ind. – Recently ranked number one on a list of gay and lesbian friendly small town getaways compiled jointly by Advocate.com and OutTraveler.com, Bloomington offers travelers of all kinds a great option for an affordable getaway anytime, but may be especially attractive during the current economic slowdown. Other destinations on the top five list included Asheville, NC, Eureka Springs AR, Portland, ME, and Ann Arbor, MI. The article touting Bloomington’s attractiveness specifically mentioned affordability as one of the attributes considered in the top five rankings:

“There’s one kind of scaling back that won’t have you cursing the current economic climate. Opt for something a little smaller next time you pack up the Samsonite, and consider these delightfully diminutive gems, our top five surprisingly gay small towns.”

1. Bloomington, Ind.

Why it’s on our gaydar . . . This accepting, forward-thinking, progressive college town (population 70,000) is home to Indiana University and the famed Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. Filled with hip cafes and funky stores, Bloomington markets its many merits to lesbian and gay travelers.”

Rob DeCleene, Director of Tourism for the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau, is excited about the recognition. Bloomington’s CVB began specifically promoting the city to the gay and lesbian market in 2001, a decision that was encouraged by the results of the 2000 Census, which revealed that the small Indiana town is home to the fifth largest per capital population of same sex couples in the nation.

“This is a great affirmation of the efforts and commitment to this market made by the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau. Bloomington is a wonderful community with attractions, events, cultural offerings and a variety of restaurants that rival any city in the region. It’s an ideal destination for any GLBT traveler looking for a welcoming community with plenty of things to see, do and experience,” says DeCleene.

One of the interesting things discovered by the CVB is that most of the things that make Bloomington a great GLBT destination are the same things that attract other types of travelers to the area. Find out more about Bloomington, Indiana at www.visitgaybloomington.com or call 800-404-1620.

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