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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bloomington Welcomes Indiana Economic Development Association

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Bloomington Welcomes Indiana Economic

Development Association Conference


Bloomington Bloomington is pleased to host the Indiana Economic Development Association for a quarterly meeting, June 12-13. This event is the summer meeting for IEDA, which holds quarterly meetings that attract about 150 attendees. Most of the attendees will arrive in Bloomington on Thursday, June 12th and attend an opening reception at the historic Woolery Stone Mill project on Tapp Road. The reception highlights a facility that is both a unique meeting destination and a great economic development project celebrating the unique limestone heritage that has been such an important part of Monroe County’s economy through the years. 


“We’re very happy that the IEDA is coming to Bloomington for their Summer Conference,” stated Ron Walker, President of the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation and IEDA member.  “The conference hosts public and private economic development leaders from around the state and hosting the event in Bloomington gives us our community a great opportunity to showcase our destination potential to a group of people that will likely become repeat customers,” said Walker.


The meeting will be held the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Bloomington where attendees will be able to explore the downtown area during breaks or after the meeting.  This conference is a wonderful way to show off the economic successes that the Bloomington community has achieved to statewide economic development professionals. In addition to showcasing the community, this event will also generate an economic impact of over $18,000.


The Indiana Economic Development Association is just one several groups that will be meeting in Bloomington this month. Each of these events brings visitors to the area and creates an impact on the local economy. The total economic impact of June conventions is estimated at more than $99,000.The list below is limited to groups that have worked with the Bloomington CVB in planning their events.


Indiana Federated Music Clubs                    June 6-7            200 attendees       $24,400  

Private Social Event                                     June 6-8            90 attendees         $21,960

Private Social Event                                     June 6-8            15 attendees         $3,660

Indiana Economic Development Assn         June 12-13        150 attendees       $18,300

Assn. of Educational                                    June 16-20        60 attendees         $29,280

  Communications & Technology

Soc. of Government Meeting Prof.              June 23-24        12 attendees         $1,464

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