Gaden KhachoeShing

  • 2150 E. Dolan Road
  • Bloomington, IN 47408
  • (812) 339-0857
Gaden KhachoeShing is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery dedicated to preserving the Buddha's teachings as transmitted by the Gelugpa lineage for the benefit of all beings. Encircled by a wide stream, the property rises 128 acres through lush forest to an area that opens up into several meadows, including a clearing that from aerial photographs looks like the shape of a left hand. At the same time, the site is only 15 minutes from downtown Bloomington. This combination of seclusion and proximity provides the ideal environment for religious study by offering the benefits of isolation from worldly affairs as well as easy access to all necessary amenities of daily life.

Taste of Tibet and Open House

  • September 16, 2017
  • (812) 334-3456

An authentic traditional Tibetan Veg - non Vegetarian delicacies (Buffet style) like momos, Pingsha, Alu khatsa, famous hot sauce, etc and Tibetan butter tea prepared by the monks. All the meals are prepared in monastic style. Guest will enjoy the meals in true monastic atmosphere. All... Learn more