Krampus Night

  • Showers Common
  • Bloomington, IN 47401

Krampus Night a celebratory, evening, winter parade. This Alpine cultural tradition promotes a playful and engaging morality tale of accountability, encouraging good behavior and discouraging bad behavior. The parade takes place in early December, along Morton Street (between 3rd and 7th Streets). 

Angels lead the parade, giving "Naughty" and "Nice" stickers for all to self-identify. Saint Nicholas then follows with the feisty Krampus under his control. Saint Nicolas gives treats to the "nice" children, while the Krampus give a playful scare to the "naughty" ones. The night is filled with cheers of joy, and a few squeals of fear. It's a unique and fun event for all ages, with spectators deciding their own level of engagement with the Krampus. Special activities precede the parade at the Showers Common. 

"Perhaps the best Krampus event currently held in the United States takes place in Bloomington, Indiana...The time they put into event planning and costuming is evident and they currently set the bar for American Krampus celebrations." - Dangerous Minds