Little Africa Wildlife Viewing Area

  • 7599 N. Tunnel Road
  • Unionville, IN 47468
  • (812) 334-0233

The Little Africa Wildlife Viewing Area is located on a 25-acre peninsula, shaped vaguely like the continent of Africa, that juts out into Lake Lemon at its far eastern end. It's a popular spot for bird watching — visitors often see waterfowl, woodcock, various shorebirds, and bald eagles.

There is a parking lot at the base of the peninsula, just off of Southshore Drive. A footpath, the total length of which is about a half-a-mile, loosely follows the edge of the peninsula and loops back to the parking lot. There's a viewing platform located on the tip of the peninsula about halfway down the footpath, and there's a notable area just northwest of the peninsula filled with lotus blossoms during the summer and fall months.

The Sassafras Audubon Society of Bloomington currently manages Little Africa and maintains the area as an open old-field habitat.

Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the path.