We've compiled answers to commonly asked questions.  If we haven’t covered what you want to know, contact our sales staff and we’ll answer any of your questions.  

Why should I work with Visit Bloomington when researching a meeting location or venue?

We are here to make your job easier. Visit Bloomington will help you select a date that will correspond with the happenings around town. We will also contact the area hotels, meeting facilities, restaurants, and attractions all on your behalf. Working with us will make planning and implementing your meeting less time-consuming and more streamlined.

What does Visit Bloomington charge for its convention services?

We provide a complimentary service to all planners. You can find our detailed list of conference services here.

What size meetings can Bloomington accommodate?

Mid-sized groups who like the idea of a big city, but crave a small town feel are a perfect fit for Bloomington. Bloomington can accommodate a group ranging from 5 attendees to 7,000 on campus.

Where in Indiana are you located?

We are located 45 minutes south of the award-winning Indianapolis International Airport and within a day’s drive of over half the U.S population.

Are there any renovations or new development happening in Bloomington?


In 2018 we welcomed The Graduate, a dynamic boutique hotel that can only be found in college towns. This will add approximately 175 rooms to the downtown Bloomington market. 1/19

Also in 2018, our community came together to embrace the importance of the meetings industry. We are excited to begin the process of an expansion in our downtown. Over the next several years an additional 50,000 square feet of meeting space will be added to the Monroe Convention Center, along with a 200 room headquarter hotel. 1/19