Post Guidelines & Information


What You Need to Know

Post channels:

  • Blog/website
  • Instagram
  • YouTube, if applicable
  • Blogs & videos shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, if applicable

Post requirements:

  • Post a minimum of 2-4 separate posts on your Instagram feed within 10 days of visiting. 
  • Share an Instagram story at every scavenger hunt location you visit (minimum of five) and tag @visitbtown in each story. 
  • Save all Instagram stories as one video and send to Taylor Carlier the week following your visit.
  • Save all of your Instagram stories as a #BTown story highlight on your Instagram profile for at least 7 days following your visit.
  • If you have an active blog or website, we ask that you post about your experience within 2 weeks after your trip and send to Taylor Carlier for approval before publishing.

Please include personalized UTM link when Visit Bloomington is mentioned on your blog or website. Email Taylor Carlier if you don’t already have this link.

We will send hotel information, UTM Link and travel scavenger hunt information after you submit this form.

All content should be published within 3 weeks of visiting.

Preferred Post Format

We are looking for authentic posts most importantly. Natural light photography and videos preferred.

Do’s: Show the energy of a place, not just the people. Show the experience, not a stiff pose. We are interested in your character coming through, not models.

Don’ts: Selfies that only feature your face.


Engage your audience in a discussion about Bloomington, having weekend adventures, and local cities that are worth visiting on a road trip.





Lodging will be comped by Visit Bloomington.

We will provide gift cards from local vendors/discounts during your visit.

We will provide a Bloomington Swag Bag during your visit.

Where is Bloomington Located?

Bloomington, Indiana is located in the Southern part of the state and is home to Indiana University.

1 hour & 15 minutes from Indianapolis, IN

2 hours from Louisville, KY

2 hours & 45 minutes from Cincinnati, OH

3 hours & 30 minutes from Lexington, KY

3 hours & 45 minutes from Columbus, OH

3 hours & 45 minutes from St. Louis, MO

4 hours from Chicago, IL

4 hours & 30 minutes from Nashville, TN

5 hours & 30 minutes from Detroit, MI

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