Find the tourism data you need to market, advocate, and collaborate. 

We want our partners to be informed on what's happening at Visit Bloomington and in the local tourism industry. On this page, you can find the most recent industry stats, economic impact figures, and Visit Bloomington outcomes. 

Economic Impact

The tourism industry is a major part of Bloomington and Monroe County's economic health. Visitors spent $362 million in 2015, creating $78 million in federal, state, and local tax revenue, and supporting over 7,600 jobs in the county. Find more information on the impact of tourism.

Local Visitor Industry

According to recent data, approximately 2 million visitors come to Bloomington and Monroe County each year. 

Hotel occupancy has averaged to around 60% over the last few years and demand has increased by 6% to 10% each year. Supply saw around a 10% increase in 2014 and 2015, but leveled off in 2016. Seasonally, June, July, and August typically show the highest monthly occupancy; January, February, and December are the lowest. Weekends are busier than weekdays, with peak weekends between 90% and 98%. The average daily rate for a hotel room is just over $110, one of the highest in the state. 

Visit Bloomington Engagement

The Visit Bloomington website receives between 650,000 and 725,000 total user sessions each year. Over the last few years, the top five locations of users have been:

  • Bloomington
  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • Louisville
  • Columbus (IN)

Organic search provides half of all traffic to the website, followed by direct and social media channels. Facebook has been the dominant referral source for the last few years, accounting for 10% of all traffic.

The Visit Bloomington e-newsletter is sent twice a month to just over 10,000 subscribers. Of the subscribers that have zip codes associated with them (around 6800), 77% are from Indiana, 6% are from Illinois, 3% are from Ohio, and 2% are from Kentucky. Visitors guide requests show similar percentages from these lead states as well.

Of Indiana subscribers who are not in Monroe County, the top five markets are Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Greenwood, Evansville, and Fishers.

For more information on the Visit Bloomington marketing personas and brand guidelines, refer to our partner toolkit