Located in the colorful hills of Southern Indiana is a scenic, winding road that connects three distinctly different communities. We invite you to travel along Indiana Highway 46 and experience ArtsRoad 46. You'll encounter stunning arts, vibrant culture, world-class architecture, flavorful local cuisine, and breathtaking vistas, all easily accessible along a 40-mile stretch of scenic highway known as Indiana ArtsRoad 46. 

There's a reason that the three communities that make up ArtsRoad 46 are also three out of only five state-recognized Cultural Districts in Indiana. We're experts in arts and culture!

We invite you to explore the ArtsRoad 46 region, discovering for yourself the incredible beauty of scenic back roads and welcoming communities. Along the way, you'll encounter incredible works of visual art at world-class museums and humble home studios. You'll enjoy the flavorful goodness of locally created artisanal food items and beverages, including craft beer, wine, marshmallows and more. Stop in at local restaurants along the way - you won't be disappointed! If you have the time, enjoy a performance or a multi-day music festival. From opera and ballet to bluegrass and never-before-seen plays, you'll find it all along ArtsRoad 46. Depending on what time of year you visit, you'll also find a wide range of festivals and special events on the calendar. 

Whether you're planning a family trip, a getaway with your favorite girlfriends or a romantic couples weekend, ArtsRoad 46 is a destination that invites you to experience three cities, two lanes and one seriously great time! 

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  ArtsRoad 46 is supported in part by the Indiana Office of Tourism Development.