Need ideas? We've got some for you.

There are a lot of engaging activities available in Bloomington. So many, in fact, that it can seem a bit overwhelming trying to plan a visit. We're here to help. In these Experiences you'll find themed trip ideas that will make planning enjoyable and your visit memorable. 

Take a look at these Experiences to get inspired; pull a few ideas from each or just copy one in its entirety and go with it. And you're always welcome to contact our Visitors Center for even more ideas and help. 

A Three-Day Getaway this Spring

This is the local’s guide to Bloomington for the quintessential spring experience in three days.

Summer Three-Day Getaway

Experience lake days, patio dining, and a tranquil campus this summer.

Three-Day Getaway: Fall

Experience the perfect three-day getaway to Bloomington this fall.

A Winter Three-Day Getaway

Experience a cozy & charming three-day getaway to Bloomington this winter.

A Hoosier Day in Bloomington

Hopes and dreams grow at Indiana University as hearty as the flowers that cover the beautiful campus. The years spent at IU create a lifetime of memories. Relive those days, home is right where you left it.

A Rainy Day in Bloomington

Being indoors doesn't have to be boring. Let your imagination run wild and discover the hidden gems of Bloomington.

A Learning Day in Bloomington

Sometimes it's good to feel like a beginner. You don't have all the answers, and every question leads to another. You can't exhaust the universe, but it sure is fun to try.

A Memorable Day in Bloomington

Don't waste time doing things you don't want to do, just getting stuff done. We only get so many hours - you can't make more of them, but you can make the most of them.

A Healthy Day in Bloomington

You won't find the secret to life checking your text messages. Out in the open, you can fill your lungs with something real. Stop the hamster wheel in your head and just be.

A Discovery Day in Bloomington

Maybe you're looking for a place to plant your flag. Don't give up. You might not find uncharted territory but you can still find something new. You don't have to invent something to discover it.

A Fun Family Day in Bloomington

Kids love Bloomington as much as adults do, for many of the same reasons: great places to explore the outdoors, tasty food, and fun opportunities to learn and grow. Find ideas on things to do with the family that are fun for every age.

An Inexpensive Day in Bloomington

It's completely possible to have a great time in Bloomington on a budget. From free attractions and events to deals at hotels, we've got ideas to help you explore the area and not break the bank.

A Culinary Day in Bloomington

Sip, see, and explore the rich culinary traditions in Bloomington.