A Rainy Day in Bloomington

When you visit Bloomington, you'll definitely want to spend plenty of time downtown. It's our most lively district and home to unique restaurants, bars, shops, and venues. Read on for info on all the highlights, and for more practical information, check out our pages on parking and the Bloomington community.

It will come as no surprise that this college town is home to local breweries and wineries as well as some seriously thrilling bars and clubs. Maybe you want a glass of vintage cabernet sauvignon and tapas, or else you're looking for funky cocktails and hours of dancing. Check out our list of nightlife venues for all your interests! Don't forget to eat a hearty dinner at a local restaurant, bar, or pub.

Food & Drink

See for yourself why Bloomington is known as one of the top foodie cities in the nation. Whether you're interested in trying something new at one of dozens of international restaurants, or you're ready for a classic cheeseburger with a gourmet twist, you and your friends can find something to suit everyone's tastes and curiosity. See our list of downtown restaurants to whet your appetite!


Bloomington is proud of its local culture, and nothing says that as loud and clear as our support of local businesses. Downtown you'll find all sorts of local shops and boutiques, from upscale kitchen ware to tailored men's suits, from handmade crafts to CDs and vinyl. Browse our list of local stores if you like to plan ahead, or just come out and explore the square!


Visit downtown Bloomington any time of year and find a street festival, an intimate acoustic concert at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, talented street performers, or maybe all of the above. As the sun drops over the horizon and illuminates the historic skyline, the cultural events are just getting started. See our events calendar, downtown galleries and other arts & entertainment options.


Downtown Bloomington is as walkable as it gets, so it's easy to park the car in a parking garage and take your family or friends for a stroll through town. Kids and grown-ups alike love to explore the WonderLab Museum of Science and Technology and pick out fresh produce at the Community Farmers' Market. Don't forget to walk the B-Line Trail, which runs straight through town and is studded with wondrous public art at every turn.