We look forward to safely welcoming you back to Bloomington.

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Food and drink, two things that we all need to survive. But good food and drink is what we need to thrive.

And the experience that surrounds that good food and drink - the unique character of a place, the service, the ambiance - that’s what makes dining in a new destination exciting and fulfilling. Indeed, it’s easy to fill your belly, it’s a whole other thing to fill your soul with a delicious experience. That’s what makes the culinary scene in Bloomington so special. It’s local, it’s original, it’s fulfilling.

There are over 100 restaurants in the Bloomington downtown area, with many of the independent restaurants concentrated in the core of downtown. Thanks to the influence of Indiana University, there is also great diversity in the types of cuisine. And pizza joints. You can sample flavors from around the world, or grab a slice of pizza from one of the many quality establishments.

Delicious food pairs nicely with delicious drinks, and Bloomington has an abundance of local wineries, distilleries, and breweries too. The state’s largest winery and the first brewery in the region are located here, prompting a local industry that is high-quality. Many local beers, wines, and liquors are on the menus at restaurants around town as well, so if you see it’s made in Bloomington, get it. You won’t be disappointed.

Get to Know the B-Town Food Scene