We look forward to safely welcoming you back to Bloomington.

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The Bloomington culture is a blend of Midwestern values, international influences, intellectual pursuits, and spiritual growth. Those elements are represented in the historical and cultural centers on campus and in the city. From the founding fathers of this area to the Buddhist monks that made their home here not so long ago, there are opportunities to learn about the people and ideals that cultivated this community.  

Perhaps because of the unique culture, or in conjunction with it, Bloomington has also developed into an artistic haven. There is a high concentration of artists in this little city and an even higher concentration of people who appreciate and support the arts. That’s why you’ll find public art on electrical boxes, theater, and music nearly every night of the year, and galleries filled with work by local and national artists.

Explore the culture and art of Bloomington, and don’t forget to look for performing arts options too.