Arts & Culture

Bloomington boasts a vibrant and diversified blend of art, history, and culture.

Bloomington's culture is comprised of a wonderfully eclectic mix of Midwestern values, international influences, intellectual pursuits, and spiritual exploration. Those elements are represented across the city and campus at places like the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center, Lilly Library, Monroe County History Center, 4th Street, and more. 

Perhaps because of the unique, blended culture, or in conjunction with it, Bloomington has also developed into an artistic haven. There's a high concentration of artists and an even higher concentration of people who appreciate & support the arts. That’s why you’ll find live music nearly every night of the year, public art painting the streets in vibrant colors, world-class theater & dance performances at some of the nation's leading venues, and galleries filled with work by local & national artists.

No matter what you seek out or simply stumble upon, Bloomington is an artistic and cultural treat for both visitors & locals to experience and enjoy.