Bloomington is nestled among the scenic rolling hills of south central Indiana, just south of where the glaciers stopped their southward march thousands of years ago. That prehistoric absence of glacial activity in the area is largely responsible for the beautiful rolling hills, ridges, ravines and karst topography (underground cave systems) that give southern Indiana such a distinctive look and feel. Approximately one hour's drive south of Indianapolis and only two hours from Louisville, Kentucky, Bloomington is conveniently close to many cities across the Mid-Western region. In fact, Bloomington is within a day's drive of over half of the United States.

Monroe County, along with neighboring Lawrence County to the south, is home to Indiana's famous limestone industry. The unique geological conditions in this area of southern Indiana produced the beautiful limestone that people across the nation and even throughout the world have sought out for the construction of homes, museums, government buildings and artworks.

Climate & Weather

Bloomington's midwestern location guarantees that the year will consist of four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. Each season has its own distinctive beauty, character and, of course, temperatures! Check the climate index below for a general idea of the temperatures and precipitation amounts that you can expect during each month.

Bloomington Weather Graphic