Spending by visitors to Monroe County totaled $362 million in 2015.

Visitors spent $69.5 million on lodging, $123.4 million on food and beverages, $75.1 million on shopping, $18.4 million on entertainment and recreation and $75.1 million on transportation.

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How does tourism benefit Monroe County?
Tourism promotes a healthy job market. Tourism provides tax revenue to support federal, state and local government.
Approximately 9% of all jobs in Monroe County are supported by tourism to the region. In addition to the hotel and restaurant industry, tourism directly supports jobs in professional and business services, health and social services, and finance and insurance. Visitors generated $78 million in federal, state and local tax revenue in 2015.
Tourism contributes to the health of the public education system.

In addition to hotel occupancy levies ($2.4 million in 2015), Monroe County tourism activity generated over $697,000 in Indiana corporate taxes, $3.1 million in Indiana personal income tax, and $14.6 million in local property taxes during 2015.

Revenues collected from tourism in Monroe County are sufficient to support 4,644 Indiana public school students. Tourism helps to relieve the tax burden of Monroe County households.
Tourism plays a significant role in the county’s industrial make up. If Monroe County tourism did not exist, each households in the county would have to pay an additional $733 per year in taxes to maintain current state and local tax levels.
Tourism is the 4th largest industry in Monroe County, supporting 7,611 jobs and $174.3 million in labor income. Tourism captures and retains the expenditures made by visitors.
Of every dollar spent by visitors in Monroe County, 80¢ in economic impact is returned to the local area.