We look forward to safely welcoming you back to Bloomington.

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Welcome to Bloomington! 

The same reasons that make Bloomington a great place to visit also make it a great place to live! Enjoy the culture and sense of community that Bloomington offers year-round. View/download our New Resident's Guide for all the information you need to know about moving to Bloomington Indiana. The Bloomington community offers a wealth of things to do and organizations to participate in for people of all interests. Below, you'll find some basic information on housing in the area, but the Newcomer's Guide will provide you with additional information on employment, health care, child care, education and all you need to know to relocate to Bloomington! If you have specific questions, give us a call at 800-800-0037 or connect with us via Facebook or Twitter.  


Bloomington's dynamic housing market presents a wealth of diverse residential and investment opportunities. Home purchasers will find a surprisingly wide variation in available housing types from affordable townhomes, condominiums and bungalows ideal for first-time homebuyers and empty nesters, to more lavish new construction and tastefully appointed mature homes.

These extensive options allow for a healthy market accessible to people of nearly all income levels. The Center for Real Estate Studies in the Indiana University Kelly School of Business reported that 40% of the homes purchased during the first half of 1997 sold for less than $100,000 on a median price of $114,000 - which is 7% below the national average of $123,000.This makes Bloomington a reasonable choice for relocation.


In Bloomington, you can choose to live in any one of a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality, friendly faces and local flavor. No matter where you choose to move to in Bloomington, whether it's downtown with its eclectic mix of restaurants, theatre, clubs and shopping; near the Indiana University campus, where there's always something going on; or the quiet outskirts of town; you'll always feel safe and welcome.  Use the resources below to find your new home in Bloomington.


Education is a vital part of our community here in Bloomington. There are a variety of opportunities for all ages and interests from Kindergarten to continuing education for adults. Along with the public school system, there are several private and charter schools in the area as well. 

Continuing Education Program Information