The Herald-Times
1900 S. Walnut Street
PO Box 909
Bloomington, IN 47402
(812) 332-4401 or (800) 422-0070
The local community newspaper is The Herald-Times, which reports daily on local, national, and international news. From hard-hitting stories and local events to letters to the editor and classified ads, the HT offers everything you need to be in-the-know of Bloomington news. 

Indiana Daily Student
940 E. 7th Street
120 Ernie Pyle Hall
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-0763
Campus-dwellers get their news from the Indiana Daily Student, the official newspaper of Indiana University. The very first issue of the IDS (then called the Indiana Student) was published in 1867. Since that time, the IDS has grown and is now financially & editorially independent of the university, although its contents are still published by students. The IDS is free and can be picked up at several locations around town, both on and off campus. 


WBWB - 96.7 FM 
304 S. State Rd. 446
Bloomington, IN 47407
(812) 336-8000
WFHB - 93.1 & 98.1 FM 
Bloomington Community Radio 
PO Box 1973 
Bloomington, IN 47402
(812) 323-1200
WFIU - 103.7 FM
Public Radio from Indiana University
Radio & Television Center
1229 E. 7th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405-5501
(812) 855-1357
WHCC - 105.1 FM 
Hoosier Country
304 S. State Rd. 446
Bloomington, IN 47407
(812) 336-8000
WTTS - 92.3 FM 
400 One City Centre
Bloomington, IN 47404 
(812) 332-3366
WIUX - 99.1 FM
Indiana University Pure Student Radio 
815 E. 8th Street
Bloomington, IN 47408-3842
(812) 855-7862
WGCL - 1370 AM 
400 One City Centre
Bloomington, IN 47404 
(812) 332-3366
WCLS - 97.7 FM
2723 N. Walnut Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
(812) 339-9700


Bloomington Community Access Television 
Offices located at the Monroe County Public Library
303 E. Kirkwood Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47408
(812) 349-3111
Bloomington Community Access Television, commonly known as CATS, is made possible through the cooperative support of the Monroe County Public Library, the City of Bloomington, Monroe County, the town of Ellettsville, HoosierNet, and Insight Communications.

WTIU - Indiana University Television
Radio & Television Center
1229 E. 7th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405-5501
(812) 855-5900
Bloomington's Public Television Station is WTIU - Indiana University Television. WTIU features local shows and news, as well as nationally-known PBS programming such as Antiques Roadshow and Bob the Builder. WTIU receives support from Indiana University, local government, area business partners, and individual members.