B-Line Trail

  • 3.1 mile trail through downtown Bloomington.
  • From Adams Street to Country Club Drive.
  • Bloomington, IN 47402
  • 812-349-3700
The B-Line Trail is a 12' asphalt, multi-use trail that extends a total of 3.1 miles from the east side of Adams Street, through downtown, through the switchyard property, to the north side of Country Club Drive. There are marked, at-grade street crossings at intersections and pedestrian bridges over Third Street and Grimes Lane. Paved plaza areas are located next to City Hall, at the WonderLab Museum, behind the Convention Center, and at Seminary Square shopping center. Benches and human/pet drinking fountains are also located throughout the downtown section of the trail. Generous financial support from IU Health Bloomington helped provide several fitness stations along the trail between First Street and Grimes Lane.

Saturday Skate to the Farmer's Market

  • Dates vary between May 27, 2017 - July 1, 2017

SATURDAY SKATE TO THE FARMER'S MARKET FOR COFFEE? Loved roller skating as a kid? Want to try it outdoors for fitness and fun? Gather with your skates (and protective gear) at 10:30 on the B-Line trail next to 2nd St. Kroger, and a certified instructor will help get you rolling. We'll skate a... Learn more