The capital of the Hoosier Nation, Bloomington is the perfect place to experience a quintessential college sports weekend. On game day, fans flood into B-town from all directions, all headed for The Rock, Assembly Hall, Armstrong Stadium or a variety of other IU athletic venues.

Use the navigation buttons to the right for all the basic information you'll need for a game day experience in B-town. If you're new to the Hoosier Nation, here are a few helpful things you'll need to know: 

What is a Hoosier, anyway? 
Hoosier is the popular term used to refer to either 1) residents of the state of Indiana or 2) students, alumni and fans of Indiana University. There are lots of theories about how the term originated, some of which you can find here.

Book your room early 
Despite being the home of a major university, Bloomington is actually a relatively small city which means that hotel rooms can fill up fast for high profile games. Book early, and if you're having trouble finding available lodging options, contact the Bloomington Visitors Center at 800-800-0037. We track availability for special event weekends and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Hoosier fans are nothing if not enthusiastic! To say that tailgating is popular might be an understatement. Whether you're a master tailgater or a beginner, don't be shy. Set up your own area or join the larger party in the Hoosier Village at all IU home football games. Of course, Hoosier fans have been known to tailgate for other sports as well, most notably soccer.

We've got spirit!
To fully experience an IU game day, you'll need to know the words to two important songs - "Indiana, Our Indiana," which has been played at every IU football and basketball game since its first performance in November, 1912, and "Hail to Old IU," the university's official Alma mater song, a mainstay since its first performance in March, 1893. Find these lyrics and additional information in the Memorial Stadium Fan Guide and the Assembly Hall Fan Guide

Big Ten & NCAA Championships 
Indiana University has won many team and individual championships over the years. No matter what sport you're here to enjoy, be sure to check out the many championship trophies, banners, team photos and other mementos on display at Assembly Hall, Cook Hall and other facilities.

Iconic Photo Ops 
While you're in town, don't forget to hit up all the iconic spots on campus for group photos or a few selfies! Our top five list includes the Sample Gates, Rose Well House, Showalter Fountain, IU Art Museum, Arboretum. Find those locations and more on our list of campus attractions and landmarks

It's not as exciting as tailgating and fight songs, but just as important to making your trip great! Construction on State Road 37 for I-69 will mean increased traffic even when they try to limit construction on game day, with possible street closures adding more mayhem to the mix. Please plan ahead for delays. Parking lots open a minimum of five hours before kickoff. For up-to-date information on game-day traffic, see the IU Athletics Football Fan Guide.