Indiana University boasts a campus that's consistently ranked among the most beautiful in the country. As difficult as it is to narrow down the gorgeous spots around campus to a list of just ten, we think we've done pretty well. Here are ten stunning locations on campus (in no particular order) that run the gamut from well-known favorites to hidden gems. We know it isn't an exhaustive list, so please share your favorites in the comments!

Indiana Memorial Union  

The Indiana Memorial Union is the second-largest student union in the country, and in our totally unbiased opinion, it's the most beautiful in the world. The limestone building can easily be mistaken for Hogwarts, with its classic stone façade and all of the magic found inside. The IMU is home to The Biddle Hotel & Conference Center, IMU Bowling & Billiards, a movie theater, a hair salon, the IU Campus Bookstore, and many restaurants & cafes — including one of the largest Starbucks in the country.

Biology Greenhouse

The Biology Greenhouse is probably one of those buildings you've passed a thousand times before, but you may not have ever gone inside to explore. Next time you're in the area, stop by to admire the abundance of rainforest, desert, and insectivorous plants that live in the campus greenhouse.

IU Auditorium

From the outside, the IU Auditorium is a lovely limestone building inspired by the culture of Southern Indiana. When you walk inside, however, you're transported to a big-city-feeling auditorium — the high ceilings, classic art, and all-around lavish space feels more like Chicago than Bloomington. The incredible building holds around 3,000 people and hosts off-Broadway productions, concerts, comedians, and talks with notable celebrities each year.

Dunn Woods

Dunn Woods is a woodland plot near Sample Gates, known as a passion project of Herman B Wells'. Centuries-old trees, charming brick sidewalks, and a magical, Snow White-esque ambiance make this area of campus a very special place.

Beck Chapel

Beck Chapel is a small, non-denominational chapel located next to the Indiana Memorial Union. It's a very popular venue for weddings, especially for IU alumni. Like Dunn Woods, the chapel has a Snow White-esque feel to it — you might expect to find the seven dwarves and woodland animals wandering around the grounds.

Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall

Aside from being architecturally unique, the beauty of Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall lies in the tradition and spirit of the venue. Its rich history is showcased on every wall, from championship trophies and historic team photos to grand statues and more.

Cox Arboretum

Landscaped with Indiana-native trees, a picturesque pond, plant life from around the globe, and the Metz Carillon Tower, the Cox Arboretum offers 11 acres of tranquil beauty. In addition to the beautiful landscaping, the Cox Arboretum is also surrounded by three architecturally stunning buildings: the Wells Library, the Global & International Studies Building, and the Eskenazi Museum of Art.

Showalter Fountain

Showalter Fountain was built in 1961; however, one of the fish in the fountain is newer than the rest. After IU won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in '87, one of the fish was taken, (hilariously) never to be found or returned. Now, during big games or high-risk events, the fish are removed. That iconic story, along with the fountain's grand depiction of the birth of Venus and the IU Auditorium, Lilly Library, and Eskenazi Museum of Art flanking it at all sides, are what make the fountain such a beautiful sight to behold.

Rose Well House

Also a popular campus venue for weddings, the Rose Well House is steeped in IU tradition and lore. New students are told that it's considered good luck to kiss your partner under the gazebo at the stroke of midnight on Valentine's Day, and Dunn Woods as its charming woodland backdrop sure does play into the romance of the tradition.

Sample Gates

Sample Gates is the most recognized landmark on the university's grounds, representing a gateway between the IU and Bloomington communities. The limestone gates are the most popular place to take a photo while on a campus visit, when a future student commits to IU, and on graduation day, creating a lump-in-the-throat-inducing full-circle moment of memories to cherish forever. 

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