If you ask a local to describe Bloomington's food scene, they would likely say "diverse and delicious" and point you in the direction of 4th Street. Though that street is home to many incredible international restaurants, you'll find mouthwatering global cuisine in every part of town. You can truly travel the world with your taste buds while you're visiting Monroe County — check out all of the countries you can experience through authentic plates in the area.


If you've never experienced Afghan cuisine, now's your chance! Head to Samira to give it a try (spoiler alert: it's really good).

Burma Garden is the place to go for authentic Burmese food (very similar to Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisine).

You won't be short on options if you're looking for Chinese food. Lucky Express, Oasis Chinese RestaurantChow Bar, Best TasteDragon Express, Gourmet Garden, and Lotus Garden are just a few choices.

At Le Petit Café, you'll enjoy a unique "menu-less" atmosphere, where fantastic French food is made according to the fresh produce available that day.

Try The Trojan Horse for gyros, a local beer, and baklava ice cream.

Try Amrit India, India Garden, or Taste of India when craving Indian cuisine.

Head to Cafe Bali to experience fresh and delicious Indonesian cuisine, just off of Kirkwood Avenue.

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At Btown Gyros, you can find falafel and a variety of tasty Middle Eastern dishes.

Stop by Osteria Rago or Che Bello for a romantic Italian dinner.

Check out Asuka or Domo for some hibachi, or head to Japonee, Sakura 15, or Ami for sushi and sake.

Head to Hoosier Seoulmate and Mama's Korean BBQ for a family-style Korean meal. Korea Restaurant and Do Asian Fusion on beautiful 4th Street also serve up tasty authentic Korean cuisine.

Bloomington is home to a long list of great Mexican restaurants, which you can browse here.

A plate of orange chicken and pad Thai from Siam House

Bangkok Thai, Happy Thai, Blooming Thai, Siam House, and My Thai are great spots to find your Thai kick in B-Town.

Bloomington's connection to Tibetan culture wouldn't be complete without Anyetsang's Little Tibet Restaurant.

Sofra Cafe, Anatolia, and Turkuaz Cafe are the places to go for Turkish cuisine — take your shoes off and sit on pillows for the full experience.

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At this point in the list, you may have forgotten that we're in the Midwest. Don't fret, we've got crazy good burgers at Big Woods Bloomington, wings at BuffaLouie's, farm-to-table dishes at FARMbloomington, and unique cuisine at Feast.

At Rush Hour Station, you'll find speedy service and delicious Vietnamese dishes. 

That's 17 countries' cuisine, all available in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana! 

There are over 80 fantastic restaurants that represent these countries and cultures. We would have mentioned them all in this post, but that would leave less time for eating... click here for a full listing!