Cedar Bluff Nature Preserve

  • 8484 S. Ketcham Road
  • Bloomington, IN 47403
  • (317) 951-8818

Featuring a spectacular 75-foot high limestone bluff and gnarled red cedars clinging to cliff sides, Cedar Bluff Nature Preserve provides a stunning display of species adaptation and survival in a harsh environment. At its eastern end, the bluff narrows and drops off into a rock-walled valley cut by a small tributary stream of Clear Creek. This canyon protects a lavish spring wildflower display and exhibits remarkable rock formations.

The preserve is open for visitation from dawn 'til dusk, and visitors must use the marked access route from Ketcham Road into the preserve. 

Cedar Bluff is owned by The Nature Conservancy, which can be reached at (317) 923-7547.