The I-Fell Building

  • 415 W. 4th Street
  • Bloomington, IN 47404
  • (812) 361-6719

Located on the near-west side of downtown Bloomington, Indiana, the Fell houses working artists' studios, small businesses, and a bakery.


This recently formed quartet plays improvised music with an engaging performance aspect. Jeb Bishop has been a mainstay of the Chicago improv scene and is one of the finest trombone players. He also brings some unique small analog synthesizers. Jaap Blonk is a world-renowned... Learn more

Left for dead.

Meaning is not as stable and independent as it might appear. Rather than ideas being wholly self-contained, they are contingent, relational, dependent. Meaning depends on context, and the artist has room to intervene by changing that context. In “Left for dead”, artists work with text and image... Learn more